Going, Caring, Sharing Jesus.


You can protect mothers and children by joining this worldwide mobilization!

Through prayer and fasting, peaceful vigils and community outreach, 40 Days for Life has inspired 750,000 volunteers!

Messiah Lutheran Church
708 Lowell St, Lynnfield, MA 01940
Phone: (781) 334-4111


Here's how to take part:

  • Vigil dates: September 27 - November 5 
  • Vigil location: Outside North Shore Women's Center, 480 Lynnfield St., Lynn (Union Hospital)
  • Vigil hours: Hourly shifts each day from 7 am to 7 pm 
  • Local contact: Cori Conner-Morse at cconnorepa@aol.com or (781) 334-0029, Rev. Paul McManus at padrepaul@comcast.net
  • Learn more and get involved by visiting our campaign at the address below!

With God's help, here are the proven results in 20 coordinated campaigns:

  • 13,305 babies saved from abortion
  • 154 abortion workers converted
  • 86 abortion centers closed