Going, Caring, Sharing Jesus.

Messiah Lutheran Church Contact Form

Messiah Lutheran Church

708 Lowell St, Lynnfield, MA 01940

Phone: (781) 334-4111


At Messiah Lutheran Church, one of our principal aims is to connect with the community beyond our church walls.  We encourage all with questions, requests or comments to call, email or use this form to contact us for any of the following:

  • Questions about Messiah Lutheran Church or our faith
  • Conversation or counsel regarding issues of faith, relationships, parenting, recovery or life
  • Request information about our Comfort Dog Ministry, or schedule a visit with Lydia
  • Inquire or comment about any of our service projects
  • Notify about a need within your community to which our congregation my respond
  • Request a meeting with one of our pastors
  • Comment about our radio broadcast or any message or blogpost from one of our pastors
  • Request prayer for yourself, friends, family or anyone