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Reach the Beach Ragnar

New England Distance Learning Fundraiser

If you would like to be part of this team next year or create a new team for the 2018 Reach the Beach Ragnar please contact pastor Jeremy Pekari at (781) 334-4111.

We're not done raising funds to help develop new Church leaders for new mission and ministry in New England.

Please join us in giving generously. 

Your continued donations will make a huge difference in the most unchurched region of the US...thanks for your help!

On Friday September 15 and Saturday September 16, 2017 Pastor Pekari, with a team of 12 pastors and friends collectively known as Team Praying4U, ran 203 miles from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to Hampton Beach to raise money for new leaders for the Church in New England.

Pastor Dave Brezina valiantly accompanied the Ragnarians by driving along in the team van!

Team Praying4U completed the 203 mile race to Hampton Beach in 31.5 hours!!! 

New England needs Jesus.  That means New England needs more Jesus loving leaders in the Church.  
The objective of Team Praying4U is to raise money and awareness of the need for more well trained leaders in the Lutheran Church in New England.  Funds will be used to help open doors for new church plants, train leaders, and start new ministries. ​

Please enjoy this captivating bit of filmography featuring the inimitable performance of Messiah Lutheran Church's own Pastor Dave Brezina, starring as  'The Driver'  - the inspiring portrait of a man, a van, and a mission:

Team Praying4U

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Phone: (781) 334-4111